Studying Maturation Dynamics with our Environmental Chamber

At Kentucky Research Center, most of our efforts are geared towards sensory analysis, customer product development and flavor discovery. However, thanks to a new piece of equipment that we acquired earlier this year, we can now study another very important aspect of barrel aged spirits: maturation dynamics.

2018 Kentucky Bourbon Festival

The Independent Stave Company team had a great time at the 2018 Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Friday night we hosted our Kentucky customers at ISC Barrels, …

Q&A with Chattanooga Whiskey

ISC Barrel Account Manager, Chad Spalding, recently visited Tennessee and talked with Grant McCracken, Chattanooga Whiskey Master Distiller. Chad gets some great insight from Grant …

From Forest to Barrel: Barrel Assembly

As barrels exit the steam tunnel they move to the « windlass » where the top of the raised barrel is squeezed together and the catch ring is replaced by a temporary head ring. The barrel then travels through the dry-fire tunnel to dry the staves and stabilize the barrel’s shape. […]

Partnering with American Forests

Independent Stave Company and American Forests have launched a one of-its-kind Oak Restoration Fund to invest in key projects that ensure the sustainability of oak forests. Independent …

Getting an Age-ucation at Moonshine U

Earlier this summer, we successfully completed our inaugural maturation class at Moonshine University. The new class, entitled “Age-ucation” was a joint effort by ISC and our good friends at Moonshine University.

Q&A Prichard's Distillery

ISC Barrel Account Manager, Chad Spalding, recently visited Kelso, Tennessee and talked with Phil Prichard, Prichard’s Distillery Master Distiller. Chad gets some great insight from …

Product Profile: Finishing Products

Whether you’re barrel aging and looking for another oak component or working with a spirit that needs a different oak profile, finishing products can help you achieve your desired results.

Barrels + Beer

I am always surprised how many people are unaware of the role that oak barrels play in the craft beer industry. People often tell me that they thought only wine, or bourbon and scotch aged in barrels.