Product Profile: Cooper’s Select

Product Profile: Cooper’s Select

Our Cooper's Select barrel was developed to allow distillers the opportunity to explore additional flavor characteristics for premium spirits.

The extended seasoning of the staves used in our Cooper's Select barrel allows natural elements (light, humidity and fungal activity) to facilitate changes to the oak chemistry. This adds complexity and softness to the palate.

Our Cooper's Select Barrel Offers:

• 18-month seasoning
• Choose from chars 1-4
• Laser branded ISC logo
• Black steel hoops
• Customized toast options
• Custom laser branding of your logo
• Extra finish
• Premium packaging

Customer Testimonial: Woodinville Whiskey

“As craft distillers, we are bound by the very nature of what we do to always strive to do it better, and the Cooper’s Select Barrel is simply a better barrel. The 18 month open-air seasoning breaks down the wood polymers, creating smaller molecules that can be transformed during charring and toasting. This results in more depth, richness and character in the whiskey, proven in both tasting and laboratory analysis.”

- Orlin Sorensen, Woodinville Whiskey Co.

A Note from Chad...

Many customers that use this barrel have expressed to me how the aged wood lends a softness to the mouthfeel and the finish of the spirit.

If you’re wanting to achieve a spirit with a smooth, soft and balanced finish, I recommend trying the Cooper’s Select Barrel.

Chad Spalding
Account Manager

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