What’s New with Used Barrels

Over the last few years, innovation in the used barrel category has pushed producers deeper into the landscape of varied barrel maturation and finishing.

Bespoke Used Barrels

We all like to be different, to stand out amongst the crowd and be noticed. This sentiment holds true for the beverages we choose to both consume and produce – particularly when it comes to spirits.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines

Most of you who follow the ISC Barrels blog post are familiar with the use of new charred oak barrels in the bourbon making process. Many of you also know that once the aged bourbon is dumped, the barrel can no longer be used for bourbon production and is sold to another producer to start a new life.

Barrels + Beer

I am always surprised how many people are unaware of the role that oak barrels play in the craft beer industry. People often tell me that they thought only wine, or bourbon and scotch aged in barrels.