Product Profile: Cooper’s Reserve Barrel

Product Profile: Cooper's Reserve Barrel

Our Cooper's Reserve barrel brings creativity to the forefront, allowing distillers to create a fully customized barrel tailored to their spirit. Here, the focus is on flavor, using wood type, seasoning, and an extensive range of toast options to achieve specific goals for each mash bill.

The Cooper's Reserve Barrel is available in American oak, a Hybrid (American oak staves, French oak heads), French oak, or European oak.

Our Cooper's Reserve Barrel Offers:

• 24-month seasoning
• An extra-fine grain option
• A choice of chars 1-4
• Customized toast options
• Galvanized steel hoops
• Laser branded ISC logo
• Custom laser branding of your logo
• Premium finish
• Premium packaging

Customer Testimonial: Westland Distillery

"The wood you choose to put your spirit in is arguably the most important aspect of the whiskey, making a quality barrel a must-have for any successful distiller. Slow growth (fine-grain) oak with naturally seasoned staves is a great choice for our whiskey in terms of quality.

Barrels serve as the focal point in the whiskey-making process. Customers always want to see (and photograph) your aging stock. Nothing pops more than a wall of gorgeous oak casks, banded with galvanized hoops. Customized toasting in addition to charring allows you to be in complete control of the barrel's organoleptic addition to your whiskey.

Bottom line: Nothing beats the quality, customization, and aesthetics offered with the ISC Cooper's Reserve barrel. So if you’re a serious whiskey-maker, you won’t think twice about buying the best."

- Scott Sell, Westland Distillery

A note from Chad...

I like to recommend this barrel to customers with a relatively consistent warehouse environment. We work together to create 4-5 different Cooper’s Reserve barrels and build complexity into their aging program that simply wouldn’t be there if they chose just one barrel type. This helps to simulate what happens in a multi-story warehouse where there are significantly different aging environments from top-to-bottom or outside-to-middle. The quality difference shows up in the final blend.

Chad Spalding
Account Manager

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