Partnering with American Forests

Partnering with American Forests

Independent Stave Company and American Forests have launched a one of-its-kind Oak Restoration Fund to invest in key projects that ensure the sustainability of oak forests.

Independent Stave Company is passionate about sustainable forest management. Partnerships with organizations like American Forests are important to us to continue finding ways to translate this passion into action.

In this video, Log Procurement Manager Garret Nowell and representatives from American Forests discuss the goals of the project.

Garret Nowell
from the video:

We're working with American Forests in a few ways. Our biggest project is reforestation. We're working in the states of Missouri and Kentucky currently doing things such as timber stand improvements to open up the canopy to promote the next forest as it grows.

We also have reforestation projects in abandon coal mines in Missouri and in Kentucky. There we're reestablishing the oaks and various other species, not just white oak.

Over the next few years our plan is to keep working with American Forests to promote forest growth and sustainability with our reforestation projects so that we will have the timber we need to keep supplying material for our barrels.

American Forests
from the video:

American Forests does forest restoration in forests across America. We have planted nearly 30 million trees in the last ten years alone and have completed more than 1,000 restoration projects in all 50 states and in 40+ countries around the world.

Here in Missouri, in our landscape called the Ozarks to the Appalachians, we're focusing on oak restoration work. Oak is a important part of the culture and economy in the region. It serves as the headwaters of many important streams that provide water for communities and habitat for fish and amphibians. They provide wildlife habitat for many of our migrating birds too like the cerulean warbler and wood thrush.

With Independent Stave Company we are working with their company and their clients to raise funding for restoration projects on federal, state and private lands throughout the region to help make sure that this resource is around for generations to come.

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