New Oak Revolution in Rum

Similar to bourbon in the United States, the aging of spirits from Europe, the Caribbean and Indian Ocean have been consistently evolving over the past several years.

Getting to Know the Irish Whiskey Market

It’s no secret – the Irish Whiskey market is booming. It is being fueled by new customers in emerging markets and major growth in the US where it increased by 17.8% by volume last year to 5.9 million nine-liter cases.

Australian Whisky – A Growing Industry

Australia has been producing whisky since the 1820’s, but the growth of craft distilleries didn’t begin until recently. Prior to 1990, the Distillation Act of 1901 prevented licenses from being issued to distillers with stills smaller than 2,700 litres – a huge barrier to entry for craft operations.

Spirits Selection Belgium

2020 Spirits Selection – An International Spirits CompetitionAt our blog, most content is focused on barrels to age bourbon and whiskey. However, we are an international cooperage company with barrels ageing a variety of spirits in cellars around the world. When our team at Tonnellerie Du Monde participated in « …

International Spirit Spotlight: Rhum

Up next in our International Spirits category, we are excited to bring you a post on Rhum. If you missed our first international spirits post on tequila, give it a read next!

In March we received a visit from several ISC Barrels Rhum customers accompanied by Emmanuel, ISC Barrels Account Manager in France.

International Spirit Spotlight: Tequila

At ISC Barrels we are proud to have our casks in distilleries around the world. While many barrels reside in whiskey rick houses, others hold international spirits – pisco from South America, rhum from Martinique, cachaça from Brazil, rice wine from China and our topic today, Mexican tequila.