NEW Location: Rickman Mill

We are expanding our domestic stave mill operations! Our new facility in Rickman, TN will allow us to increase our wood supply in support of our customers and the growth of the industry…

Master Craftsman Program

At our Kentucky and Missouri cooperages, most production employees specialize in one aspect of the barrel making process such as jointing, raising, finishing, etc. Specializing allows employees to hone their craft and consistently produce quality results. After an employee gains proficiency in their position, they can also benefit from learning the entire barrel production process.

Supporting Safety through the Volunteer Firefighter Initiative

Our Volunteer Firefighter Initiative was launched in September with the mission to support fire departments who rely on volunteer firefighters within the communities where Independent Stave Company cooperage facilities, mills and sales offices are located.

Acreage Purchased in Northern Tennessee

Independent Stave Company (parent company of ISC Barrels) recently purchased 3,000 acres of land in northern Tennessee. The land will be used to supply oak logs for ISC Barrels.

Bourbon Pursuit Podcast Episode

In October Independent Stave Company CEO Brad Boswell sat down at Kentucky Cooperage with the guys of Bourbon Pursuit Podcast to discuss the cooperage industry.

He had fun discussing his family history in the cooperage industry, trends and many different aspects of Independent Stave Company during the interview – which begins around the 8:00 minute mark.

From Forest to Barrel: Toasting

All ISC barrels that require a toast profile to be applied before charring are crafted at our Missouri Cooperage located in Lebanon, MO. In our first post on barrel profiling, we discuss that a charred barrel has two layers – a char layer and a red layer.

2018 Kentucky Bourbon Festival

The Independent Stave Company team had a great time at the 2018 Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

Friday night we hosted our Kentucky customers at ISC Barrels, Bourbon & Music where we enjoyed greeting friends and rocking out to Clare Dunn & Dustin Lynch.

From Forest to Barrel: Barrel Assembly

As barrels exit the steam tunnel they move to the “windlass” where the top of the raised barrel is squeezed together and the catch ring is replaced by a temporary head ring. The barrel then travels through the dry-fire tunnel to dry the staves and stabilize the barrel’s shape. […]

From Forest to Barrel: Stave Finishing

This is the fourth blog post in our series, “From Forest to Barrel”. Catch up by reading the last post. Enjoy the journey as we share how our barrels are expertly crafted from start to finish. From Forest to Barrel: Stave Finishing After rough staves are made at our company-owned …

From Forest to Barrel: Stave Mill

At our six domestic company-owned stave mills, employees take the high-quality white oak logs and process them into rough staves utilizing 100% of the log. Material that cannot be used for staves is converted into a variety of natural products such as chips, mulch, and sawdust.

From Forest to Barrel: The Log Yard

After logs are harvested in the forest, loggers transport their loads to one of our 11 domestic log yards for purchasing. Independent Stave Company Log Procurement has six main log buying yards located at our company-owned stave mill facilities and five satellite yards.

From Forest to Barrel: Harvesting

Before an ISC Barrel is even a twinkle in our coopers’ eyes, the process of sourcing the best American white oak trees for barrel staves has already begun.

Quality Assurance

In every facet of our craft, coopering high-quality oak barrels is the ultimate goal. Quality assurance starts in the log yard where our buyers adhere to strict guidelines when purchasing white oak logs for ISC Barrels. Then, as the logs reach our company-owned stave mills, our craftsmen work diligently transforming the logs into quality staves. Our skilled coopers receive the staves and continue quality checks and processes while crafting them into barrels.

Construction Begins on ISC Research Center

Independent Stave Company (ISC) is pleased to announce the construction of a research center dedicated to oak innovation and experimentation for the spirits industry. Once complete, the new research center will serve as a cutting edge resource on oak maturation for ISC’s distilling customers in Kentucky and around the world.

Rooted in Family and Tradition

As a fourth generation family cooperage company, our roots run deep. For over 100 years ISC has grown by focusing on family, innovation, hard work, and customer service to become a worldwide leader in the coopering industry.