Cooper's Select Barrel

// seasoned to perfection //

Cooper's Select

The extended seasoning of the Cooper's Select barrel allows natural elements (light, humidity and fungal activity) to facilitate changes to the oak chemistry. This adds complexity and softness to the palate.

Barrel Options

  • 18-month seasoning
  • Char options #1-#4
  • Laser branded ISC logo
  • Black steel hoops
  • Customized toast options

  • Custom logo laser branding

  • Extra finish

  • Premium packaging

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Seasoning Cycle

Natural Elements

Our Cooper's Select oak seasons at our company-owned stave mills, located in the optimal climate of the central United States. Frequent rains, long hot summers, and changing weather allow light, humidity and fungal activity to season the oak, which influences the wood in a positive way. 

  • The sun reduces wood moisture content
  • Freeze-thaw action breaks down oak structure
  • Fungi changes the oak composition
  • Rain promotes fungi and leaches tannins
  • Wind circulates air through stave stacks

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