Introducing the High Proof Series from Oak Solutions Group

Introducing the High Proof Series from Oak Solutions Group

By: Amy LaHue

The spirits industry is on fire. Large distilleries are expanding, the craft spirits industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and consumers are thirsty for knowledge. The innovation and experimentation currently taking place within the industry is unprecedented.

Taking this into consideration, Oak Solutions Group, sister company to ISC Barrels, developed a line of oak alternative products targeted specifically with spirits maturation in mind.

Our research and development team is unparalleled in experience. They have used their depth and breadth of knowledge along with cutting-edge advancements in toasting technology to produce four new products to serve the unique needs of the spirits industry.

It is with great excitement that we introduce High Proof Series, a line of tank stave and tank stave derived products - cubes, CUBEtubes, Infusion Staves, Fan Systems and Oak Flavoring Stix.

The new products are; Spice Rack, Sweet Shoppe, Rickhouse, and Charred Barrel. While the first two options lean towards specific flavor profiles, the latter add a balanced profile and smooth finish. All four products are crafted from cooperage quality American and French Oak, seasoned 18-24 months prior to toasting.

It’s all about breaking down the hemicellulose (wood sugar) and lignin in a predictable, repeatable process to create caramel, vanillin, and other oak derived attributes in varying amounts. It is exciting to be able to offer diverse flavors for your spirits that are 100% natural.

I’ll be at ACSA, ADI, and the Craft Brewers Conference with sample kits and recommendations to fit your specific project. Let’s work together to create your Oak Solutions!


Amy LaHue

Oak Solutions Specialist

About the Author

Amy joined the Oak Solutions Group team in 2011 as an Oak Solutions Group Specialist focusing on the California wine industry. As the market for oak alternatives experienced growth, in 2017 the team expanded allowing Amy to shift focus to the rapidly growing spirits industry as well as the Midwest wine and beer industries.

Amy works closely with clients to understand their specific needs. She enjoys assisting customers with product trials to develop a unique oak alternative program for their wine, spirit or beer. She continuously participates in experiments and technical training seminars at the ISCO Laboratory in Napa, CA and the ISC Research Center in Lebanon, KY.

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