Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

How can I purchase a barrel? 

For barrel orders, please contact your account manager for assistance. New customers, please use our contact form.

How much does it cost to ship a barrel?

Freight costs depend on delivery location and barrel quantity. A freight estimate will be provided. We do not allow for pickup at our cooperages.

Where can I pick up my barrels?

We will arrange shipping to your distillery at the best rates we can find. If you are located on the west coast, you can pick up the barrels at our warehouse in Napa, CA.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes. We ship barrels all over the world. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

Is there a minimum barrel order?

No, there is not a minimum barrel order. We will fill orders for a single barrel.

How much order lead time is necessary?

All our barrels are made to order. Contact your ISC Account Manager for current lead times.

What is available for immediate delivery?

All our barrels are made to order, i.e. we do not carry any inventory.

What are the terms of payment?

First time orders and orders less than $2,000 require prepayment. We accept Visa or Mastercard. Net 30 Terms may be established after completing a credit application.

Do you sell used barrels?

Yes. Used barrels are sold through our partner Kentucky Bourbon Barrel. Please visit their website for more information.

What size barrels do you offer?

We offer 200L (53 gal), 225L and 240L barrels.

  • 200L: 204cm belly; 89cm height
  • 225L: 223cm belly; 89cm height
  • 240L: 223cm belly; 89cm height

Can we get our logo on the barrels?

Yes. Our Cooper’s Select and Cooper’s Reserve barrels offer custom logo branding on the barrel head. Additional charge for Classic barrels. Specifications: vector files (AI, EPS, PDF).

Where do you source your oak?

Our American oak is sourced in the Midwest, primarily the Ozarks. Our French oak comes from the major French forests - Vosges, Allier, Nevers, & Tronçais.

Who do I contact for recommendations?

This website should provide you with the available barrel options. If you have further questions, please contact your account manager.

What is the most popular char level?

Char #4 is the most popular for straight bourbon whiskey. Choosing the best char level for your spirit depends on the desired final spirit and maturation length.

What is the best barrel for aging beer?

We recommend the Cooper’s Reserve barrel with a medium plus or heavy toast. Characteristics resulting from the toasting process are better suited for beer.

What is the best barrel for aging other spirits?

It depends on several variables. Typically, toasted barrels and/or lighter charred barrels are used for producing spirits with more fruit esters and spice notes.

Where can I find finishing products - chips & tanks staves?

We recommend you visit our sister company, Oak Solutions Group, for finishing products.