ISC Team from Around the World Visits New Research Center

ISC Team from Around the World Visits New Research Center

In mid-April, ISC team members from around the world convened at our new Research Center located in Lebanon, Kentucky. Attendees came from as far as Germany, France, South America, and Australia. Others represented Mexico, Asia, and the United States.

The goal of the meeting was to introduce the new research center, discuss global trends and review our current portfolio of products. The team also participated in multiple tastings and discussed new product ideas. It was a great time to learn about the spirits industry in markets world-wide and exchange ideas.

Several team members presented during the meetings on topics ranging from, "Fundamentals of Distillation and Oak Maturation" to "Using Oak Alternatives with Spirits".

Before tasting, they reviewed sensory standards for the tasting panel. Sensory standards give a common ground to discuss key spirit attributes and flavors. Each person on the ISC Barrels team brings a unique palate and perspective based on the spirits native to their home countries - the spirits that they are used to tasting. It is important to use a standard language, facilitated by our sensory standards, when conducting a tasting.

Spirits were shared from across the globe in order to educate our team and build our spirits library. Present were samples of pisco from Chile, South America, rhum from Martinique, cachaça from Brazil, rice wine from China, and infused spirits from Germany.

The event was a great success. Our team was excited to be able to collaborate in a group setting and participants left feeling energized and armed with new information to share with their customers.

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