Product Profile: Small Batch Wave Stave Barrel

Product Profile: Small Batch Wave Stave Barrel

Offered in limited quantities, our Small Batch barrels combine innovation and technology to bring out the best in your spirits.

Our Wave Stave Barrel

Named for its unique stave contour, this barrel is defined by a gently waving curvature on the inside surface of the barrel. We mill the staves to have this curvature before the barrel is raised, increasing the available surface area by 20 percent. The proprietary toast and char combination create additional complexity and richness through the peaks and valleys of the stave.

Our Wave Stave Barrel Offers:
• Smooth ridges are cut lengthwise prior to charring
• Moderately increased surface area
• Layers of complexity from toasting gradient
• Base barrel: Classic Medium Plus toast with Char #1

Customer Testimonial: Sagamore Spirit

“We were excited at the opportunity to try Independent Stave Company's Wave Stave barrels. Our hope was that the Classic medium plus toast with a low char would work as a great finishing barrel to help impart subtle toasted oak flavors while not overwhelming the palate. These barrels re-energized the aging process, creating flavors full of caramel, vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. We are very happy with how the final product turned out.”

- Ryan Norwood, Sagamore Spirit

A note from Chad...

Our Small Batch Wave Stave Barrel is showing promising signs of being a great option for both standard aging programs and as a finishing barrel. In several different trial settings we've seen this barrel impart interesting character enhancements to the spirit. These oak derived character enhancements show up early and with a punch - making the Wave Stave Barrel a good option for finishing as well as standard aging. We are excited to continue to watch this barrel perform as the diverse possibilities of what the Wave Stave offers distillers is very intriguing.

Chad Spalding
Account Manager

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