A Dash of Bourbon in Your Holiday Dishes

Whether you’re dashing through the snow from one holiday party to the next or hosting your own Christmas party, it’s good to have some delicious go-to recipes that will satisfy the masses. And if you’re going to cook, why not choose a recipe that includes a splash or two of bourbon?

Experimental Whiskey Library Expansion

Have we been busy at the ISC Research Center? Indeed, we have! Our experimental barrel program has grown by leaps and bounds over the past seven years. We now have over thirty different experiments covering nearly three thousand experimental barrels.

Bourbon Filled Tailgate Appetizers

As the summer fades into fall, we’re welcoming a change of pace with back-to-school events, football, and fall parties. With that in mind, we wanted to find two bourbon-filled recipes that would be great to share with family and friends during a fall social event, tailgate or watch party.