Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines

Most of you who follow the ISC Barrels blog post are familiar with the use of new charred oak barrels in the bourbon making process. Many of you also know that once the aged bourbon is dumped, the barrel can no longer be used for bourbon production and is sold to another producer to start a new life.

2018 Kentucky Cooperage Tour Stats

At Kentucky Cooperage we enjoy showing people how we craft barrels for the World’s Finest Spirits. Thank you to all the visitors who stopped by in 2018 to take a tour of our facility. Check out some of these fun stats from our tours this past year.

Construction Begins on ISC Research Center

Independent Stave Company (ISC) is pleased to announce the construction of a research center dedicated to oak innovation and experimentation for the spirits industry. Once complete, the new research center will serve as a cutting edge resource on oak maturation for ISC’s distilling customers in Kentucky and around the world.