Cooper’s Reserve

An Exploration of Oak Species

The Cooper’s Reserve barrel allows you to build a unique barrel program by customizing the wood type and grain to achieve specific flavor goals. Available in American oak, Hybrid (American oak staves, French oak heads), French oak, or European oak.

• 24-month seasoning
• Extra-fine grain option
• Choose from chars 1-4
• Customized toast options
• Galvanized steel hoops
• Laser branded ISC logo
• Custom laser branding of your logo
• Premium finish
• Premium packaging

French Oak

French oak (quercus petraea) is well known for its fine grain and higher levels of oak tannin. These barrels lend a spice note to the delicate oak flavors that are typically complimented with hints of toasted almonds and mocha.

American Oak

American oak (quercus alba) contains higher levels of tyloses and cis-lactone. Cis-lactone is a very important flavor contributor to the spirit. Vanilla, caramel, and maple syrup are a few of the typical flavors created during aging.