French Made Barrels

ISC Barrels is well known for our traditional spirit barrel, but we offer a multi-dimensional portfolio of products with the assistance of our global cooperage family. Today, we want to give you an inside look at a new, unique line of spirit barrels we can offer through one of our sister cooperages – Tonnellerie Quintessence.

Introducing Our Small Batch Toasted Barrels

Introducing Our Small Batch Toasted BarrelsIn 2019, ISC Barrels officially rolled out four toasted barrels in our Small Batch Series. Named after the characteristics they …

Product Profile: Small Batch Spiral Cut Barrel

After charring, we follow a proprietary process to cut spirals throughout the inside of the barrel, significantly increasing the surface area to allow aging spirits access to alternating layers of char and white oak.

Product Profile: Finishing Products

Whether you’re barrel aging and looking for another oak component or working with a spirit that needs a different oak profile, finishing products can help you achieve your desired results.