Second Annual James B. Beam Institute Conference

It has been a long year, but here we are preparing for the second annual James B. Beam Institute Industry Conference. This year’s conference will take place March 10-12 and will be a virtual event.

Tasting Kit Unboxing

ISC Barrels has recently developed a customizable tasting kit to help our current and future customers easily fine-tune their barrel choices. Through a consultation with Account Manager Chad Spalding, distillers can receive a tasting kit customized to their specific flavor goals.

Forest Management

Besides the differences in what an oak species can impart to the spirit in flavor, there are vast differences in how each country manages their oak forests… [MORE]

Introducing Our Small Batch Toasted Barrels

Introducing Our Small Batch Toasted BarrelsIn 2019, ISC Barrels officially rolled out four toasted barrels in our Small Batch Series. Named after the characteristics they …

New Kentucky Cooperage Visitor Center

New Visitor Center Now Open at Kentucky Cooperage We have been hard at work the past few months improving our visitor experience at Kentucky Cooperage …

Wave Stave Experiment Results

Wave Stave Experiment ResultsBy Andrew WiehebrinkA little over four years ago, we began to experiment with a barrel now known as our Wave Stave barrel; …

Using Oak Alternatives in Spirits

Using Oak Alternatives in SpiritsWritten by: Amy LaHueWhen used in conjunction with barrel aging, oak alternatives are a natural way to use 100% oak to …

Studying Maturation Dynamics with our Environmental Chamber

At Kentucky Research Center, most of our efforts are geared towards sensory analysis, customer product development and flavor discovery. However, thanks to a new piece of equipment that we acquired earlier this year, we can now study another very important aspect of barrel aged spirits: maturation dynamics.

Partnering with American Forests

Partnering with American ForestsIndependent Stave Company and American Forests have launched a one of-its-kind Oak Restoration Fund to invest in key projects that ensure the sustainability of …

Barrels + Beer

I am always surprised how many people are unaware of the role that oak barrels play in the craft beer industry. People often tell me that they thought only wine, or bourbon and scotch aged in barrels.