Finishing Tasting Kit

Watch all the videos in this series: Small Batch Tasting kits , American Single Malt, and Char Level Tasting Kits.Finishing Tasting Kitswith Chad Spalding and Andrew …

Char Level and Double Barreling

As coopers, we are often asked about the different char levels. Mainly, “Why are the higher char levels – Char #3 and Char #4 – the industry standard?” Much like the genesis of the charred barrel itself, there isn’t one definitive answer.

Char Level Tasting Kit

Watch the first video on our Small Batch Tasting kits and the second on American Single MaltChar Levels Tasting Kitswith Chad Spalding and Andrew WiehebrinkToday we …

Benefits and Techniques of Oak Alternative Finishing

ISC Barrels’ sister company, Oak Solutions Group (OSG), and customer Left Bank Distilled Spirits gave a dual presentation on how to use oak alternatives for finishing at the 2021 American Distilling Institute Conference. Here are the highlights of the presentation from OSG Oak Solutions Specialist, Amy LaHue.

American Single Malt Tasting Kit

Watch the first video on our Small Batch Tasting kits. American Single Malt Tasting Kitswith Chad Spalding and Andrew WiehebrinkToday we bring you the second video …

An Experiment in Barrel Size

Guest Post by Nathen Gabriel, Balcones Distilling. In 2009, Balcones Distilling released the first Texas whisky since Prohibition. With no template or rubric for how to make whisky in Texas, experimentation has always been integral to who we are as a distillery.

French Made Barrels

ISC Barrels is well known for our traditional spirit barrel, but we offer a multi-dimensional portfolio of products with the assistance of our global cooperage family. Today, we want to give you an inside look at a new, unique line of spirit barrels we can offer through one of our sister cooperages – Tonnellerie Quintessence.

Second Annual James B. Beam Institute Conference

It has been a long year, but here we are preparing for the second annual James B. Beam Institute Industry Conference. This year’s conference will take place March 10-12 and will be a virtual event.

Tasting Kit Unboxing

ISC Barrels has recently developed a customizable tasting kit to help our current and future customers easily fine-tune their barrel choices. Through a consultation with Account Manager Chad Spalding, distillers can receive a tasting kit customized to their specific flavor goals.

Forest Management

Besides the differences in what an oak species can impart to the spirit in flavor, there are vast differences in how each country manages their oak forests… [MORE]