Warehouse Experiment

Whiskey barrel warehouses come in a variety of different styles and configurations. Palletized, dunnage, traditional rick, and all kinds of variations within. Here in Kentucky, the most common style you see is traditional rick warehouses or otherwise known as a rick house.

Peat Smoked Barrels

Peat is one of the more interesting ingredients in the whiskey making process. The use of peat goes back centuries when it was (and still is) used to heat homes and cook food. However, peat has carved out an interesting place for itself in the spirits world as the source of one of the most interesting and versatile flavors in the category of malt whiskey.

Smoked Barrels

Two years ago, we began developing a new type of barrel to join our Small Batch Series called the Smoked Barrel. Using a proprietary cold smoking process, the barrel is infused with smoke from different wood species.


While by no means do I consider myself an eggnog connoisseur, or even an eggnog enthusiast, I’m going to give it my best shot at sharing the scoop on this delightful seasonal treat.

Benefits and Techniques of Oak Alternative Finishing

ISC Barrels’ sister company, Oak Solutions Group (OSG), and customer Left Bank Distilled Spirits gave a dual presentation on how to use oak alternatives for finishing at the 2021 American Distilling Institute Conference. Here are the highlights of the presentation from OSG Oak Solutions Specialist, Amy LaHue.

Australian Whisky – A Growing Industry

Australia has been producing whisky since the 1820’s, but the growth of craft distilleries didn’t begin until recently. Prior to 1990, the Distillation Act of 1901 prevented licenses from being issued to distillers with stills smaller than 2,700 litres – a huge barrier to entry for craft operations.

An Experiment in Barrel Size

Guest Post by Nathen Gabriel, Balcones Distilling. In 2009, Balcones Distilling released the first Texas whisky since Prohibition. With no template or rubric for how to make whisky in Texas, experimentation has always been integral to who we are as a distillery.

Guest Post: Industry Trends – Tour Experiences

We are excited to bring you a guest post on current industry trends from Bardstown Bourbon. Stay tuned – we hope to have more guest …