Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines

Most of you who follow the ISC Barrels blog post are familiar with the use of new charred oak barrels in the bourbon making process. Many of you also know that once the aged bourbon is dumped, the barrel can no longer be used for bourbon production and is sold to another producer to start a new life.

Acreage Purchased in Northern Tennessee

Independent Stave Company (parent company of ISC Barrels) recently purchased 3,000 acres of land in northern Tennessee. The land will be used to supply oak logs for ISC Barrels.

Product Profile: Small Batch Spiral Cut Barrel

After charring, we follow a proprietary process to cut spirals throughout the inside of the barrel, significantly increasing the surface area to allow aging spirits access to alternating layers of char and white oak.

Bourbon Pursuit Podcast Episode

In October Independent Stave Company CEO Brad Boswell sat down at Kentucky Cooperage with the guys of Bourbon Pursuit Podcast to discuss the cooperage industry. …

2018 Kentucky Cooperage Tour Stats

At Kentucky Cooperage we enjoy showing people how we craft barrels for the World’s Finest Spirits. Thank you to all the visitors who stopped by in 2018 to take a tour of our facility. Check out some of these fun stats from our tours this past year.

From Forest to Barrel: Toasting

All ISC barrels that require a toast profile to be applied before charring are crafted at our Missouri Cooperage located in Lebanon, MO. In our first post on barrel profiling, we discuss that a charred barrel has two layers – a char layer and a red layer.

Studying Maturation Dynamics with our Environmental Chamber

At Kentucky Research Center, most of our efforts are geared towards sensory analysis, customer product development and flavor discovery. However, thanks to a new piece of equipment that we acquired earlier this year, we can now study another very important aspect of barrel aged spirits: maturation dynamics.