A Family of Craftsman (ES)

We’re proud of our 100+ years in the cooperage industry. Supported by four generations of Boswells, ISC is a family of craftsman. From our mills to our cooperages, ISC crafts barrels through sustainable practices and innovative technology. As a result, millions of people around the world enjoy beverages aged in ISC barrels.

  • craftsmanship


  • Log Yard

    LOG YARD: Harvested logs are transported to our company-owned stave mills. Our log yards are equipped with sprinkler systems to maintain the quality of the logs.

  • Quarter Bolts

    PREPPING THE LOG: Logs are debarked before being split into quarter bolts. The bolts are sent through several stations, each pass taking off a piece of wood that will be shaped into a stave.

  • Edging

    MAKING A STAVE: The pieces of wood are turned into rough staves by our skilled craftsman. They are evaluated at each station and inspected to make sure they meet our quality standards before being stacked for seasoning.

  • Stave yard
  • Jointing
  • Raising
  • Steam Tunnel
  • Toasting

    TOASTING: Customers can opt to toast their barrels prior to charring, which releases desirable aromas and flavors. We offer a wide range of toast options, allowing for maximum customization.

  • Charring
  • Head Up
  • Inspection
  • Truck Loading

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Una Asociación

en Marcha

Nuestra historia no termina cuando las barricas han sido enviadas a su destilería. Nuestro objetivo es crear asociaciones continuas para apoyar su pasión por la elaboración de grandes destilados.