A Family of Craftsman

We’re proud of our 100+ years in the cooperage industry. Supported by four generations of Boswells, ISC is a family of craftsman. From our mills to our cooperages, ISC crafts barrels through sustainable practices and innovative technology. As a result, millions of people around the world enjoy beverages aged in ISC barrels.

We Believe In Craftsmanship

  • craftsmanship
  • Log Yard

    LOG YARD: Harvested logs are transported to our company-owned stave mills. Our log yards are equipped with sprinkler systems to preserve the quality of the logs until they are ready to be processed into staves.

  • Quarter Bolts

    TRANSFORMING THE LOG: Logs are debarked and passed through a metal detector. The log is cut lengthwise into bolts, and then split into four quarter bolt sections that will be processed into rough staves.

  • Edging

    MAKING A STAVE: Skilled craftsman make the final cuts on the rough staves. They are inspected to make sure they meet our quality standards before being stacked for seasoning.

  • Stave yard

    SEASONING: White oak benefits from natural air seasoning. We season our staves in climates where micro-flora flourish and the natural elements facilitate changes to oak chemistry.

  • Jointing

    JOINTING: Seasoned staves are finished by equalizers, planers and jointers at our cooperages. These stations trim the stave ends, plane the surfaces and joint the sides to ensure staves fit together tightly.

  • Raising

    RAISING: We raise the barrel by choosing staves that tightly fit together to craft the perfect barrel shape.

  • Steam Tunnel

    STEAM TUNNEL: Raised barrels are sent through the steam tunnel to make them pliable. We then add temporary hoops to curve the staves into a barrel-like shape.

  • Toasting

    TOASTING: Customers can opt to toast their barrels prior to charring, which releases desirable aromas and flavors. We offer a wide range of toast options, allowing for maximum customization.

  • Charring

    CHARRIG:We offer a variety of char levels – lighter levels show more fruit esters and spice notes while darker char levels extract more vanilla flavors and color into the spirit.

  • Head Up

    HEADS & HOOPS: After charring, the barrel is assembled by adding top and bottom heads and six steel hoops. A bung hole is drilled so the barrel can be filled with liquid.

  • Inspection

    QUALITY CONTROL: Our barrels go through a rigorous inspection process where water and air pressure are added to simulate a full barrel. The Barrel is then examined by a cooper to make sure it is liquid tight.

  • Truck Loading

    FINISHED BARREL: Barrels are then ready to be rolled onto a truck for delivery to your distillery.

Our Roots

From humble beginnings in the rugged Missouri Ozarks, ISC has continued to grow by focusing on innovation, hard work, and customer service to become a worldwide leader in the coopering industry.

Nos racines

Depuis ses débuts modestes dans les montagnes Ozarks dans le Missouri, la société ISC continue son développement en se concentrant sur l’innovation, le travail et le service après-vente, devenant ainsi un leader mondial de la tonnellerie.

Fondée par T.W. Boswell, notre première scierie, située dans la forêt nationale Mark Twain, était consacrée au façonnage de douelles de chêne blanc.

Les années 1950
A la fin de la prohibition, la société ISC concentre ses efforts dans sa merranderie, avant d’ouvrir une tonnellerie à Lebanon (Missouri).

Les années 1980
La société ISC acquiert une tonnellerie située à Lebanon (Kentucky) dans le but de répondre à la demande croissante en fûts.

La quatrième génération de la famille Boswell continue de développer la présence d’ISC dans le monde entier.


Un partenariat continu

Notre histoire ne se termine pas au moment où les fûts arrivent à votre distillerie. Nous cherchons à fonder des partenariats à long terme pour vous accompagner dans votre passion, qui est de créer des spiritueux de grande qualité