White Oak Sustainability

White Oak Sustainabiltiy

At ISC, we take sustainability and growth of our white oak resource seriously. Our efforts, and those of countless loggers, landowners, and the forestry departments are paying off. Currently, the supply of harvestable white oak is growing.

  • Annual hardwood growth rate surpasses harvest by 70%
  • White oak is the 2nd fastest growing hardwood resource
  • 1.5 x more harvestable white oak as 20 years ago
  • 2.5 x more harvestable white oak as 40 years ago

Source: The Hardwood Market Report Executive Summary September 2015

Select White Oak: A group of the top 5 most merchantable species in the genus Quercus (including cooperage quality white oak).

Eastern Sawtimber: A live tree of commercial species from the eastern half of the US that is at least 11” in diameter outside bark, containing at least one 12′ saw log or two noncontiguous saw logs 8′ or longer, and meeting regional quality specifications. Most cooperage-quality white oak is sourced from Missouri or the “Eastern” region. Missouri’s resource of white oak is consistently growing.

ISC Takes Great Care in Preserving this Resource
  • 100% of every white oak log we purchase and process is utilized
  • Sawdust is used for fuel and charcoal
  • Bark is used for fuel and landscape products
  • Waste-wood fiber and chips are used for fuel, paper and landscape products

As a family cooperage, the health of white oak forests is important to us. We will continue to drive sustainable practices to ensure a harvestable forest for future generations.

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  2. Thank you for all of your amazing work! I’m happy to know we’re working with such a mindful company and that the forest are respected and nurtured by your practices. I will be sharing some of this website’s information with our customers on tour!

  3. I love your entire story. I provide tours at Two James Spirits here in Detroit, Michigan and love sharing some of your history since we also utilize the ISC barrels that are handcrafted out if Missouri. You are a major part of our great spirits, so I thank you.

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