Barrel Profiling – Part II

In Barrel Profiling – Part 1, we touched on a few topics relating to the heat treatment of oak barrels. Specifically, we outlined the unique …


Barrel Profiling – Part I

Historically, the benefits of aging spirits in charred barrels was discovered by accident. Intense heat was used in both barrel construction and as a way …


Oak Species for Cooperage

Oak is an excellent choice for crafting spirits barrels. Why? It contributes a wide variety of desirable flavors, it is ring porous allowing the oak …


Quality Assurance

In every facet of our craft, coopering high-quality oak barrels is the ultimate goal. Quality assurance starts in the log yard where our buyers adhere …


Construction Begins on ISC Research Center

Independent Stave Company (ISC) is pleased to announce the construction of a research center dedicated to oak innovation and experimentation for the spirits industry. Once complete, the new research center will serve as a cutting edge resource on oak maturation for ISC’s distilling customers in Kentucky and around the world.