Oxygenation Part 1

Flavor development in barrel aged spirits is a complex process. As coopers, our focus is on oak extractives and their role in flavor development. We …


Q&A: Wilderness Trail Distillery

ISC Barrel Account Manager, Chad Spalding, recently sat down with the Wilderness Trail Distillery Owners Shane Baker and Pat Heist. Chad gets some great insight …


From Forest to Barrel: Stave Mill

At our six domestic company-owned stave mills, employees take the high-quality white oak logs and process them into rough staves utilizing 100% of the log. Material that cannot be used for staves is converted into a variety of natural products such as chips, mulch, and sawdust.


Sensory Panel Introduction

Sensory analysis is a critical aspect of research and development at ISC. Each year we lay down new experimental barrels and our sensory panel provides …